09 November 2018

A personal chat with Robert Dobrzycki

A personal chat with Robert Dobrzycki

Today the nominee for the Personality of the Year award that we are presenting is Robert Dobrzycki, the CEO of Panattoni Europe, who explains to us why he admires Jeff Bezos of Amazon and the Wright brothers. The final vote is to be held on December 5th at the Eurobuild Awards Gala.

Who do you most admire in the real estate business?

Carl Panattoni. He hired me 13 years ago and even now is actively working in the company. I admire his wide knowledge of the market and his business professionalism. This is a man of great integrity, who having achieved so much in the real estate sector, is amazingly humble and friendly towards every single person.

How did you first get into real estate?

I joined Menard Doswell, an industrial real estate development and management company, as a junior accountant in 1999. After a couple years having gained some experience I finally acquired the position of managing director and in 2005 left for Panattoni Europe.

What do you regard as your greatest professional success so far

Becoming largest industrial developer in Europe having started from zero in 2005.

What is your greatest failure?

I have so many plans and dreams waiting to be fulfilled that probably not having realised them real yet would be my biggest failure. One of them is not being present in Asia yet.

What contribution do you think you have made to Polish society through your business activities?

Helped to create thousands of jobs and also invested overall around EUR 5 bln in Polish real estate and infrastructure.

Which major projects are you planning in the near future?

This year we have launched our Central European Logistics Hub in Łódź, where three big box investments for such clients as SMYK, Media Expert and Bosch have already been delivered. The Hub is ideally located in the heart of Poland and already comprises 200,000 sqm. Just recently we have signed a contract for our largest manufacturing plant to date: a 58,500 sqm dishwasher factory for BSH in Łódź. There are plans for more.

In Poland we are now constructing around 1.2 mln sqm – a large part of this this space is made up of tailored facilities for e-commerce businesses. Our biggest client – Amazon is happy with our collaboration, therefore we are extremely pleased to have been chosen as their partner to support their expansion in this region.

Which is your favourite building and why?

This may change over time, but it’s our project currently under construction in Gliwice for Amazon. It’s without doubt our biggest build-to-suit development so far: a four-level warehouse with a height of 24m and 210,000 sqm of space in total.

Which living person do you most admire and why?

Jeff Bezos, the founder, chairman and CEO of Amazon. Of course besides being the head of our largest ever client, I see him as a man with a mission, an amazing career and the drive to accomplish more and more that has an impact on all of our lives.

With which historical figure do you most identify?

It is really hard to say as each historical hero always has a dose of controversy around them. I definitely admire and look up to figures that accomplished their goals but still went on further to master their inventions or discoveries. An example would be the Wright brothers. And I do often use the phrase: “Let’s fly!”

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Spending time with those closest to me after a successful investment committee morning call 😉

Which is your favourite restaurant and why?

I like Indian food so it would probably be Bombaj Masala.

Who is your closest friend and why?

My wife – not only my partner in life, but she also has the same professional real estate background. We speak the same language.

Which characteristic do you hate most in others?

Lack of empathy

How would you like to be remembered?

As one of the few Polish successful people to be recognised globally.