Outstanding Non-Business Achievement of the Year, CEE (2017)

We’re looking for an individual or a group who have achieved something out of the ordinary between October 2016 and September 2017. It may be a significant contribution to charity or dedication to a cause, or the achievement of something special.


According to research, an average of 76,000 children below 14 years of age require treatment due to injuries suffered in their own homes. 40% of them constitute children below the age of five. The ... more
JLL’s flagship non-business initiative is the annual Charity Real Estate Beach Volleyball Tournament organized under the patronage of the Polish Volleyball Federation. In its eight years, the ... more
Griffin Art Space is a programme which promotes art and supports young artists by organizing cultural events in properties owned by Griffin Real Estate and Echo Investment. For the past few years, ... more
Cooperation with Synapsis foundation to increase the awareness of autism and the Asperger’s Syndrom During the annual “Bike Day” event at Poleczki Park, in April 2017 its tenants took part ... more
Galeria Bronowice organize and actively participate in events carried out for local community. Following the clame: “The place to spend your time” we propose to our customers of different age ... more
The open-air Monopolis Summer Stage was developed in the unique, Źródliska Park. Virako could not host the stage at Monopolis due to the on-going restoration works but did not want to stop the ... more
PHN-GDYNIA VIP RACING is a special regatta, during which passionate sailors – representatives of leading Polish companies (especially real estate companies and office developers) – sail from the ... more
The biggest value for PwC are our employees and their competences. We encourage them to share their knowledge and experience with social leaders, NGOs and start-ups in our skills volunteering ... more
Auchan Łomianki Shopping Mall (since October 2017 under brand Galeria Łomianki) is located close to Kamipinowski Park Narodowy. As Auchan Łomianki / Galeria Łomianki aims to become a part of ... more
Superścieżka is the first placemaking initiative in Poland on this scale – 5 ha of public space to be redeveloped, between two main Krakow’s roundabouts. The idea of the project, initiated and ... more
As every year, the beginning of September at Leach & Lang means that all our energy is focused on making other’s live better. As always locked and loaded, we decided that also this year we will do ... more
The idea behind the competition is to promote triathlon as a spectator sport, within and beyond the business community. The Torus company philosophy - work-life balance - shares numerous values with ... more


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