Raffles Europejski Warsaw

The neo-renaissance palace was built by Enrico Marconi in 1857 and quickly became the region's most prestigious hotel. The lovingly restored and reinvented hotel has stunning contemporary interiors. Raffles Europejski Warsaw opened after 4 years renovation and it is the third European hotel of the group after Paris and Istanbul. It is also Poland’s most luxurious hotel. It conveys the essence of today’s Poland, and gives it a modern finish, by showcasing The Europejski Art Collection - the biggest private collection of Polish contemporary art of almost 500 pieces, curated by esteemed Anda Rottenberg.
As Raffles Europejski Warsaw sets the new benchmark for luxury experience in the Polish capital, it remains true to the iconic nature of the Raffles brand. Proudly Polish, Raffles Europejski Warsaw was formerly a hallmark of the past has become a symbol of the future, encapsulating a city in full flourish.

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