DL Invest Group

In 2021 DL Invest Group introduced a complex ESG Strategy “DL Green” with a time horizon of 2026. DL Invest Group intends to continue its dynamic growth in the logistics and office real estate segment, with the ambition of doubling the portfolio within the next 3 years. The central measure is for all new buildings to be designed and constructed to meet BREEAM certification requirements. DL Invest Group perceives Green Financial Instrument as significant support for its business goals.

The rationale and role of the Green Financing Framework
Climate change arguably poses the biggest challenge for the 21st century. As buildings are directly and indirectly responsible for 38% of Poland’s emissions action within this sector weighs heavily. Financing this transition remains of critical importance and a green bond, being directly linked with ambitious standards for new buildings, contributes to realizing the target.

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