Warehouse Developer of the Year, CEE

Name of company:

MLP Group

Name of president or managing director for the region:

Michael Shapiro

Countries in which company operates:

Poland, Romania

Brief description of company:

MLP Group is the largest developer of production space in Poland and currently has four centres in Poland and one in Romania. The land held by the group totals over 200 ha.

Why your company should be considered for the award.: The MLP Group is a leading developer of warehouse and production space in Poland. The group operates in the commercial real estate market, specialising in the construction of modern warehouse and production buildings and built-to-suit projects. Acting on the market as a developer, consultant and property manager, MLP Group provides comprehensive solutions to many international and national manufacturing companies. MLP has over 14 years of market experience in Poland, during which time it has undergone tremendous growth to became the fourth largest developer of warehouse and production parks in Poland and the CEE region. It now has four parks in Poland and onw in Romania in very attractive locations. MLP at this moment has over 70 clients, the majority of whom have been MLP customers since 2000. The group has developed for the following sectors: light industry, automotive, logistics, food manufacturing, printing, paper, textile, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and household equipment.

Company website:

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