Lancerto S.A.

Award: New Retail Concept of the Year, Poland
Name of company: Lancerto S.A.
Concept name: Lancerto flagship store
Sector: fashion
Short desciption of the concept: Our new concept is very original and unique when comparing to other men’s fashion stores, as it was inspired by aviation theme. By introducing this theme, we wanted our customers feel like having a journey moment, a journey with the best quality and the highest standard. In order to make our stores similar to the plane’s interior we focused on the two senses: vision and touch the interior of the store is dominated by colors associated with the pilot’s uniform – white, navy blue and gold. We also used materials such as: wood, metal, leather and glass, which directly refer to the pilot’s cockpit. By adding some elements (aviation theme photos, clocks showing time from multiple time zones, comfortable leather seats, linen curtains) we made the interior more pleasant and warm. We have created a space that will allow customers to have better contact with our brand and products. The philosophy of Lancerto is reflected by the new interior: the highest quality and classic elegance.
Brief company description: Lancerto which classifies to the premium brands, caters to men seeking high quality and classic elegance both in formal wear and casual style. The company offers its clients a wide range of men’s clothing and accessories: suits, jackets, coats, trousers, shirts, ties, handkerchiefs, belts and shoes.
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