Architectural Design of the Year, Poland

Name of project:

Korona Kielce

Type of project:

shopping centre

Street & City where project is located: ul. Warszawska 26, Kielce
Total space (not leasable space): 93,000 sqm

Church Land Development Sp. z o.o.

Name of investor:

Church Land Development Sp. z o.o.


Marek Tryzybowicz, Borys Juraszyński

Brief description of the architectural studio:

Bose International Planning And Architecture has offices in Warsaw (Poland), Santa Fe (USA), Delhi (India), Dubai (UAE) and Shanghai (China). It was established in 2001 by two architects, Oru Bose and Marek Tryzybowicz. The group provides quality design services in the field of master planning, multi-functional office, entertainment and shopping centres, housing development, and sports and leisure centres. Projects designed by Bose International have been developed in the USA, India, Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans and Persian Gulf countries.

The team’s philosophy reflects a global, international approach adapted to specific local conditions. It is the Bose team's unique expertise to successfully design multifunctional developments in geographically diverse and culturally sensitive locations.

Brief information about the project from an architectural point of view: Korona Kielce is a commercial and entertainment centre of 93.000 sqm floor area. It was opened in 2012 in the centre of Kielce, close to the historic part of the city. The functions of Korona Kielce Shopping Centre fulfil the city inhabitants’ needs, while the construction of the building has directly impacted and improved the quality of its close surroundings making the shopping centre one of the landmark buildings of the city. The metaphor of a crown, the symbol of the city, has been reflected in the form of a visual motif placed in the perforation of the façade. The soft, multi-layered building shape and its façade are designed both for daylight and to be illuminated at night. Shops, service points and recreational premises are located on the basement, ground and first floors, while a car park can be found on the top three floors. The two front main entrances in a double level entry court allow for cafés, green rest places and sitting areas around the fountain and modern urban sculptures.

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