ICE Kraków Congress Centre


Architectural Design of the Year, Poland

Name of project:

ICE Kraków Congress Centre

Type of project:

Concert and congress centre

Street & City where project is located:

Grunwaldzkie Roundabout, Kraków

Total space (not leasable space):

36.720,33 sq.m

Name(s) of investor(s):

Kraków Municipal Commune




Ingarden & Ewý Architekci

Short information about architectural firm(s):

Ingarden & Ewý (IEA) architecture atelier established by Krzysztof Ingarden and Jacek Ewý (1998). The domain of IEA are innovative public buildings and site such as embassies, museums, public offices.

Brief information about the project from an architectural point of view:

ICE Kraków Congress Centre is a modern world-class site dedicated to culture – music, opera, ballet, and theatre – and congresses. Designed at the highest standards of acoustics and mechanics, it meets international congress organisation norms. Besides the three main halls with 1915, 600, and 300 seats, respectively, the shell holds a multifunctional conference space of 550m2. ICE Kraków stands in the most prestigious location: opposite Wawel Castle, a location that influenced main design decisions. Hiding a multi-story foyer open to a panorama of the ancient city of Kraków, the Vistula embankment façade is spectacularly transparent. The outer shell combines glass, ceramics, and aluminium, with colours ceramic tiles reflecting those of the interior: red of the main hall, graphite of theatre hall, white of the foyer, and the silvery aluminium used for the roof. The multi-element composition of the shell is intended to reflect movement and life: the dynamics of a modern, developing city.

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