Gdynia Film Center

Award: Architectural Design of the Year, Poland
Name of project: Gdynia Film Center
Type of project : Cultural And Educational Center
Street & City where project is located: Gdynia, street: Plac Grunwaldzki 2
Total space (not leasable space): 3960 m2
Name(s) of investor(s): City of Gdynia
Developer: City of Gdynia
Architect: Arch-Deco, Zbigniew Reszka, Michał Baryżewski
Short information about architectural firm(s) : Zbigniew Reszka and Michał Baryżewski began in 1989 common architectural activity founding joint firm Arch-Deco.With constant technology race the Arch-Deco office has a task to apply the most modern achievements in order to create modern architectural solutions with proper respect for location and character of projected object.
Brief information about the project from an architectural point of view: The main idea of the Gdynia Film Center project was creating a pure spatial arrangement of the building. It's location, with the green background of Kamienna Góra, makes a composition of counterweight for the monumental cube of the adjacent Musical Theatre. The building is divided in two main functional zones. The first one consists of studio cinema halls linked with a theme club and is accessible straight from the outside by the "red carpet" pan in the renewed city plaza. The second zone is connected with educational aspects of the Center. Both functions meet in the heart of the building, thanks to an open sculpture-like staircase, that links the cinema entrance hall with the 2nd floor student's forum created as red terrace stairs. An investition accompanying the building of Gdynia Film Center is rail line leading from the plaza to the top of Kamienna Góra, giving a different point of view at the building.
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