Enterprise Park


Architectural Design of the Year, Poland

Name of project:

Enterprise Park

Type of project:


Street & City where project is located:

al. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 13C/D

Total space (not leasable space):

15,300 sqm


Avestus Real Estate

Name of investor:

Avestus Capital Partners



Brief description of the architectural studio:

DDJM Studio Ltd. was founded in 1991. The owners of the company are architects Marek Dunikowski (director of the office), Wojciech Miecznikowski and Jarosław Kutniowski.

Brief information about the project from an architectural point of view:

Enterprise Park forms an urban interior of a man-friendly scale. The complex consists of two ground-floor-connected buildings ‘A’ and ‘B’, and building ‘C’ situated opposite. The group creates a wedge that opens towards the city’s important communication route, al. Powstancow Wielkopolskich. The essential element of the interior that brings it closer to nature and creates a friendly working environment, is the rich variety of plants (a total of more than fifteen species) fully integrated with the area, and the green terraces located in close proximity to the office space. The buildings were designed to be very efficient and meet the various needs of tenants, as well as to obtain BREEAM ‘Very Good certification.

Project website: www.enterprisepark.pl

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