16 September 2016

Jury member list to be kept confidential

Just before the start of the jury selection process for this year’s Eurobuild Awards, we are introducing one significant change to the regulations: the jury member list is to be kept confidential until the end of the voting. The personal data of only those jury members who vote will be published after the votes have been tallied. Those who express their willingness to take part in the jury but ultimately do not vote will not be included in the list. Unlike in previous years, the jury member list on the website will only reflect those who have indeed taken part in the work of the jury rather than those who have only declared their willingness to participate. By keeping the names of the jurors confidential, we also hope to limit any possible attempts to exert undue influence on individual decisions. We would also like to ask jury members for their discretion in maintaining the anonymity of the jury as well as for their final decisions to be based on the criteria specified in the descriptions of each individual category.